Since opening my current healing arts practice in June, 2000, my values, philosophy and peace practices all revolve around the concept, first and foremost, that we must cultivate our identities as Lovers. My intention is to educate about and help heal the ancient patterns of distress created by war-like mentality and behavior.
The projects I hold, some of them since childhood, are all big and consistently about healing and connection with all aspects of mySelf, first, and then with Beloved Others. These endeavors will promote the cultivation of sacred, healing spaces, integration of the shadow, and safety for the vulnerability it takes to open the heart. Perhaps the return of Jesus is really about cultivating and activating Christ Consciousness in each human heart.
In these days of political turmoil, economic instability, unrelenting stress and the resultant impact on our precious physical bodies, spiritual practice is more important than ever before. Each of us has a unique and precious relationship with what we perceive to be God/dess, and different ways to access that divine presence.
Time spent in inner exploration is never wasted, and enhances the outer journey in ways that are too numerous to list. Turning inward to the vastness of consciousness helps take us out of our small stories and into the collective journey of healing ancient patterns of distress, rooted in the old stories of survival of the fittest and the constant struggle for resources.
How quickly everything in our lives will change when we begin to value peace, kindness, cooperation and comfort over the rush for material possessions and entertainment. Cultivating cooperation instead of competition, and tolerance and patience when we feel judgmental and afraid will end the illusion of separation and bring everyone together. Where could these values lead us in terms of healthier family systems, more equitable social structures, harmonious commerce and holistic health? This inquiry inspires the projects I now wish to manifest.
Please learn more by reading our Projects pages and be in touch to find out how you can participate.
Image from Osho Zen Tarot Deck, titled The Lovers.