I delight in custom designing a presentation for your group that will inspire and encourage the evolution of love, peace and healing. Visit the Interests tab to see some of my potential topics. I’m especially passionate these days about trauma resolution and resilience, intentional community and environmental topics. I’m happy to adjust the fee to be sure it fits your organization’s resources.

My first public speaking experience was at a Dale Carnegie class that a friend of mine paid for. It was 1983. I drove around and around the hotel where the class took place, trying to get my nerve up. I managed to walk in the place, then waited until everyone else in the room had briefly introduced themselves. I was so scared that I remember feeling like I floated to the front. I mumbled my name and then rushed out into the hall and threw up. This was the beginning of my speaking career. It could only get better.

I kept going back and graduated (You don’t take the Dale Carnegie course, you LIVE it!) and then found my way to Toastmasters. I first joined Austin TM. It was the oldest club, and the largest. I gave a few speeches and lost my momentum there, then happened to hear of a new club forming at the New Age Bookstore on S. Lamar. I attended the initial meeting and became a founding member. It was an amazing group of people, with much to say. We settled on the name Frontier Toastmasters and were very active for many years.

At a meeting in 1988 someone asked if anyone was interested in giving a talk in the federal prison near Bastrop. Almost without conscious thought, my hand was suddenly waving. I followed through and found myself addressing around 80 inmates in the chapel for a two hour talk. I could tell by the body language that they weren’t there by choice…

to be continued