We are walking on bones.
So much has happened, everywhere we step on this earth. Many buildings hold the uncleared emotional and energetic content of those who came before us. Studying Feng Shui for many years (and still just combing the surface!) has helped me hone my intuitive sense of space, placement and the energetic attributes of a building or outdoor area.
I have always loved the smell of burning sage. Along with a sense of protection, it relaxes me. In native teachings, it has the capacity to clear negativity, which allows us to call in what we wish to have in the environment and in our lives without the conflict of warring energies.
Ritual becomes important when clearing limitations, as the things we are releasing tend to creep back in. I’ve come to believe that this is because we can easily fall back on old patterns of thinking, and the Universe responds by giving us the power of creating our world through our thoughts. Ritual and ceremony give us the opportunity to practice conscious intention, release the blocks to the manifestation of that intention, and create via the magical and powerful methods of aligning with our vision of what is possible. This re-arranges the universal flow of what is needed to obtain our desires. Try it: you’ll love it!