Sensual Wisdom is about much more than sexual intimacy concerns, although I have a wealth of information about how to cultivate deep intimacy, connection and healing with your closest Beloveds.
Coming back to our senses and our precious body reduces the stress and strain of being in the world as it is, and helps us access deep relaxation, open-heartedness and the awareness of innate and intuitive guidance. The body never lies. Mindfulness practices help us tame ‘monkey mind,’ and sink into a place in ourselves that is very wise and communicative, if we make the space in our lives to allow it’s voice.
We have cultivated the intellect to the extent that it has become over-active and imbalanced. We often override the messages we receive from the instinctual body with the mind, rather than learning to join head and heart to live in a more balanced way. Once we start our work together, we’ll determine a spiritual practice that works for you, to start to heal this imbalance and open to a deeper level of peace and expanded awareness.
In our first meeting, we will determine the best use of our time together, and then set a course for on-going sessions. Occasionally, just one session is enough, but I’ve found that most people need some on-going support to move beyond distractions and stick with an inner process. I will give you some foundational techniques for cultivating closeness and connecting to your own life force (sexual) energy. There are some great teachings to help develop empowered communication, such as Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Some new frames are offered to experiment with around relationship and intimacy. If you are single, we determine what is limiting your ability for relationship, and begin to clear the blocks. In our first session, I’ll give you an overview of what’s possible with this work, and answer any further questions you may have.
I offer in-person sessions as well as phone and Skype time focused on Intimacy and Relationship Enhancement for couples and individuals.
If you have further interest, please explore the information using the drop-down menu, then feel free to connect with me.
If you are financially challenged at the moment, let’s visit. Barter or trade is possible, if you offer things that I need or can use. Sliding scale is available. We can always work something out in regard to money or exchange, but keep in mind that some sort of energy exchange is required. I am in this work to evolve the collective healing of humanity and alleviate the suffering of dear hearts. I seek to serve those who are spiritually attuned to the possibilities of integration of all aspects of who we are as humans and spiritual beings, and the resultant transformation at every level of being: personal, relational, social and global.