I founded Sensual Wisdom in June, 2000. I do believe that these very days (late summer, 2020) offer the most powerful opportunity of our lives to cultivate closeness to our dearly beloveds and learn the magic of bonding deeply with one another.
Here’s a bit about Intimacy Consulting ~ For Couples: This is an excellent way to rejuvenate interest in your intimate encounters and learn sacred sexuality techniques that will keep the passion and kindness alive in your relationship.  The skills and knowledge that you gain will enhance your partnership for its duration, and give you the foundation for a long and happy union.
~ For Singles: This is a great gift to give yourself for personal growth, spiritual enhancement and profound techniques for awakening your passion for life and love. Raising your sexual energy brings more creativity into your world and helps you to attract the lover that you seek.
An intake survey is required. We will work together to create experiences you will never forget! Contact me to learn more about how to get started.
“The moment I stepped into your beautiful studio, I felt safe, nurtured and inspired. It is obvious you hold intentions of the highest integrity.” EP, Denver