In this current incarnation of my work, I no longer offer private sessions for individual men. It took some time for me to make this decision, and there are reasons that I don’t need to share here. Because I deeply love men, and feel our current masculine expressions are out-of-balance and toxic, I have deep sympathy/ empathy for the struggles our men experience.

If you are reading this and are not in a partnership, I’m open to connecting about a series of classes that I have created for a group of men (minimum 4). I know men don’t easily get together and talk about things like women do (excuse my stereo-typing here). I would not have made it through menopause without the assurance from older wise women that life gets better. It is a fierce passage. In hormonal make-up, the male body has a passage, as well, and it’s important to understand andropause and communicate about it. All of us, men and women and any other gender identities, have transitions throughout our lives that provoke and engage who we are as sexual beings.