So much to do, so little time!
Visionary Entrepreneurship is about learning to focus on what is right with our current world and move toward solutions that work for our collective. Attempting to shame and blame is a waste of our precious time, as we move into an age of co-creation, upholding peace, healing and the evolution of the human heart.
Connect to learn how you can be involved in evolving the delightful work of bringing peace, healing and loving kindness to our world.
Project: Intentional Community with fluid housing, focused on trauma resolution for residents and the clients of those who do healing work within the collective. This is a facility for people to come to contribute what they can, and to receive holistic healing treatments, including equine assisted psychotherapy.
Horse Wisdom Ranch – This horse facility and housing location would function much like any horse-therapy based facility, with the emphasis on trauma resolution, especially in regard to sexual and war trauma. Focus on work with combat veterans will allow us to co-create and network with other veteran’s support organizations in the Bitterroot Valley. The location will include a Wailing Wall for ceremony to acknowledge loss and transition.
The Wailing Wall – Jade envisions this as an evolving art installation, as well as a simple rock wall. Young people will be invited to memorialize a part of the wall with spray paint/ graffiti. Rocks and other items can be added as people come to make peace with their losses. Trees can be planted and memorial benches placed. The loss can be the death of beloveds, the loss of a relationship, a home or a job, a transition in the life path, or the loss of a dear pet. People with similar losses can access The Wall in groups, which increases support from others who have gone through a similar experience. The ritual Jade imagines will include a horse or horses that can be painted and will carry memorabilia as we walk to The Wall in a processional. The client will design the ceremony in the ways that they want, and will be supported by staff and the horses. This is an All Faith facility, honoring all religious teachings and traditions, or none.
Wailing will be demonstrated and encouraged. It is incredibly cathartic to make sound, sob and cry in a safe and private place, especially with loving witnesses, both horse and human. Letters to the deceased or lists of losses can be left at the wall.
Workshops will focus on moving forward from times of difficulty and unimaginable loss, after memorializing what has been lost.
Cultural losses, such as 9/11 or mass shootings can also be acknowledged. The support of community while releasing sadness and grief is a powerful modality for healing. This helps people understand that they are not alone in their grief and struggles.