Horse Wisdom Ranch

horselove I am affiliated with Horses Make Miracles, a wonderful horse facility west of Longmont, and north of Boulder. Horses are all about healthy relationship and horseJadeplayful discovery. They slow us down by showing us how to live in the present moment (unless it is close to mealtime!) and invite us to explore our innate animal bodies. The smells and sounds of a barn can reset the stress of daily life and bring appreciation for all that we have around us.

If you are beginning to work with me and the horses, please read this document first: Intro Form


A center for people to come to contribute what they can, and to receive holistic healing treatments, including equine assisted psychotherapy. The mission is to promote love, compassion and healing through projects focused on the teachings of sacred sexuality and sexual healing, for the expansion of connection, intimacy and healthy sexuality

Description of Project:

The primary focus for this center will be on the healing of trauma from war and sexual abuse with the use of horses on the therapeutic team. Addressing core trauma safely requires a supportive environment as the client is moving through the healing process.

There will be a secondary focus on those with Environmental Illness (EI) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), who need to leave their toxic homes and find support to detoxify and determine what they are reacting to. We will likely not be able to take those who are severely ill, but hope to catch people who are on the downward spiral of this syndrome and help them rebuilt the immune system. Addressing the emotional ‘set-ups’ for EI and MCS assists in the physical healing, and will be a focus during a client’s time at our center.

We’ll invite burned-out healers to come and rejuvenate and contribute their gifts. We hope to eventually offer 11th hour hospice care for those who do not want to die in a facility. We will feature small healthy dwellings for individuals, likely made of straw bale construction, yurts, cabins, and any experimental forms of healthy housing. There will be a lodge house with industrial kitchen, study/ library, meeting and healing rooms and a bathing area for water therapies. Healer animals will be a big part of this center and we will grow organic produce, have chickens and raise livestock. There will be a wailing wall and a free-standing brick wall for breaking dishes and glass as a form of anger release. We may add aspects of wilderness therapy for teens. We intend to eventually form a community ‘family’ that is able to invite and support single mothers and elders as they need more support for vibrant and safe living environments.

 Goals for 2015

  • Determine if it is best for this center to be non-profit and if so, begin the process
  • Continue to cultivate connections and network with horse people
  • Network with realtors who specialize in horse properties
  • Fundraising: Create a bank account and place a percentage of profit from Heart Puja for future expenses, costs of start-up