horselove Horses are all about healthy relationship and horseJadeplayful discovery. They slow us down by showing us how to liveĀ in the present moment (unless it is close to mealtime!) and invite us to explore our innate animal bodies. The smells and sounds of a barn can reset the stress of daily life and bring appreciation for all that we have around us.


A center for people to come to contribute what they can, and to receive holistic healing treatments, including equine assisted psychotherapy. The mission is to promote love, compassion and healing through projects focused on the teachings of sacred sexuality and sexual healing, for the expansion of connection, intimacy and healthy sexuality

Description of Project:

The primary focus for this center will be on the healing of trauma from war and sexual abuse with the use of horses on the therapeutic team. Addressing core trauma safely requires a supportive environment as the client is moving through the healing process.

More soon!