Q. What will our first session be like? A. I’ll present an overview of what’s possible in our work together, and we’ll discuss your personal goals and concerns. Each session is custom-designed to address ‘what’s up’ and for the highest use of our time together. You’ll learn a foundational breathing technique, that you’ll practice at home. There are often homework assignments, and I encourage you to keep a journal to record your experiences and jot questions for next time.
Q. Do you watch couples have sex and rate their performance? A. No. However, I am able to articulate explicit suggestions for improvement, in a respectful way, with honoring language, which is a mode of communication that I model.
Q. Do we take our clothes off? A. To either dash your hopes or alleviate your terror, the answer is no. My client(s) and I are fully clothed for our sessions, but you will be asked to remove your shoes at the door.
Q. Do you engage in sexual interaction with your clients? A. No. In our initial time together, we discuss appropriate boundaries and how we will interact. We lay a foundation of clear understanding, safety and mutual respect, so that everyone involved is comfortable. My intention is to educate and assist in cultivating awareness of old patterns and unconscious drives. There are many strategies that will help them resolve and clear, so that new behaviors are accessible and gradually become easy.
Q. How often should I plan to come for sessions? A. Once our work together begins, I recommend a minimum of four sessions, either weekly or every other week. I have much to share and we could also be stirring things up a bit. I want to support you in this process of expansion and healing.
Q. What should I expect in our sessions, as we advance? A. We start every class with inquiry: What’s working and what’s not? How did the homework go? What awareness has arisen since we last met? How are things changing in your relationships? We then typically do some breath review and practice. We may focus on communication skills and practice those or create scripts for interaction with your Beloved. I will offer constructive feedback and positive reinforcement, which leads to skill enhancement and more confidence in your ability to cultivate deep, rich connection with those closest to you. Using various modalities, we continue to discover and release blocks you may have to experiencing rich, deep intimacy.