• Tue
    12:00 pmOn Line
    So close to launch, and again setting a new date of January 1st. Kudos to web designers Daniel Ziskin and Christina Osborne for attempting to understand my chaotic mind and playing along.
    Out of retirement: into the debate...with love.
    We are launching a monthly newsletter, The Blissful Times. Please sign up so you can get this inspirational and affirming bit of good news every month or maybe every quarter.
    The Blissful Times was published by Jade Beaty and Sensual Wisdom from Fall, 2002 through Spring, 2006. It was revived from April, 2009 to September, 2010, then discontinued until now. We're excited about this new method of sharing highlights in the political news and ways to bring love, peace and understanding to our conversations.
  • Wed
    10 - 11 AMThe Heartism Center, 1120 Main Street, Corvallis MT
    We'll have a 20 minute business meeting, then Jessica will give us a sampling of her TED Talk that she is presenting here in Hamilton on January 18th. We'll end the meeting with helpful suggestions for Jessica, and appreciation for her presence in the Valley.
    This will be our only meeting in January. We'll start back to 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in February.


  • Sun
    9:30 amCenter for Spiritual Life, 328 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, MT
    January's theme is Spiritual Evolution. I'll be talking at the Sunday Service and will craft my presentation around personal experiences and some theory that I have developed about integrating all parts of who we are and being fully incarnate and embodied as Soul in physical form.
    CSL is a precious bright light in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, full of pioneering souls from all walks of life and spiritual paths. We honor all paths to God, providing a warm and welcoming environment to come together and be transformed by Spirit.