• Sat
    2 - 5 PMCenter for Spiritual Living - 328 Fairgrounds Road

    Registration has begun! Please visit Heart Puja to learn all about Sensual Wisdom's trademark event. Feel free to call with questions or concerns.

  • Thu
    Appointment RequiredNear Downtown Seattle

    Celebrating my first trip to Seattle! I hope to return again and again. Seeking a few spiritually oriented clients to go deeply into the amazing teachings of sacred sexuality. Please visit www.sensualwisdom.com to learn more about how I work. I look forward to sharing these ancient arts of healing and love with you!

  • Mon

    By AppointmentAustin, TX then Boulder/ Denver

    Austin, TX: March 12 - April 2

    Boulder/ Denver: April 4 - 10

    Dates are subject to change as the journey unwinds...

  • Tue
    7:00 pmThe Community Room at North Valley Public Library, 208 Main Street, Stevensville MT 59870

    Join the local chapter of the American Society of Dowsers for a free presentation by Jade Beaty. She will share about intuitive skills and how to develop and use them for the greater good. Some of the techniques Jade uses are the pendulum, kinesthetic self-testing and a cultivation of pure awareness in present moment that brings all the information needed. Jade will share some of her healing tools from the elemental and natural kingdoms, such as flower and gem essences, space clearing items and essential oils. She plans to complete the evening with a group reading, using tarot cards to conclude the discussion.

  • Tue
    Noon - 1 PMCall for Location and More Information

    Tuesday, August 21st       Noon to 1PM

    A Dynamic Group is Forming in the Bitterroot Valley!

    Sacred Valley Alliance*

    Are you a Holistic Health Practitioner?

    Be a founding member of a networking and support group we are starting in the Bitterroot Valley. Gain business contacts, experience the support of your colleagues and hear dynamic and entertaining speakers (or be one!). What if business were done in a spirit of nurturing and mutual support, rather than competition? Come prepared to offer a brief synopsis of what you do, pass flyers or business cards around, and enjoy your cohorts. All those in the healing and intuitive arts and supportive businesses are most welcome.

    *Our eventual meeting schedule, location and name will be determined by group involvement. Seeking Co-Leaders. For location on 8/21 contact Jade at 361-8154.



    • Opportunity to meet and trade sessions, to better understand each other’s work and form a referral base of practitioners. Healers get healing sessions!

    • Create support for each other in the healing arts

    • Learn presentation and leadership skills in the meeting and mini-workshops we may want to offer membership, on topics such as branding, marketing, and advertising as a healer

    • Learn to be succinct and inspire curiosity by how we introduce our work

    • Learn to honor time frames and cultivate a welcoming environment in our practices, offering exquisite customer/ client service

    • Promote inclusivity and diversity in the Valley


    • Develop community presence as a group

    • Explore opportunities to help educate about and expose the work that we do (Farmer’s Market, health fairs, partnerships with other business owners)

    • Use of co-creative partnerships for our meeting place and the business services we use

    • Develop a Directory of Practitioners for distribution in the Bitterroot Valley

    Jade founded a similar organization, The Healing River Alliance in Bastrop, Texas in 2004. That group is still going strong and publishing an annual directory.