Green burial, home funerals, sacred ceremony while sitting with the dead and dying: these are just a few things I think about in relation to my own death. I’ve attended a number of deaths, first while a support group facilitator for people with HIV/ AIDS and their loved ones, then as a volunteer hospital chaplain. The Buddhist teachings have a ‘Bardo,’ an in-between place for the soul at the time of physical death, as we get our bearings in a another dimension between lifetimes.

I facilitated a Death Cafe in Longmont, Colorado. There are currently two in the state of Montana, one in Flathead City and one in Billings. This might be a fun thing to bring to the Valley. Yes, it’s great fun to come together over tea and crumpets and visit about mortality, end-of-life arrangements and what we are leaving as our legacy, no matter what age we are. We had a variety of people with really important questions at our meetings, and I created a resource guide to get those questions answered. We had a few guest speakers and lively conversation. A great thing to do on a Saturday morning to start your weekend!