For Individuals & Couples

I use a blend of Consulting and Coaching. You can learn more in a blog post I’ve written to explain the differences.

I took trainings in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) in 1988 and ’89. I began working with others right away, doing what I call Change Work. I put myself in places where people were willing to experiment with change, grow spiritually and work with techniques and practices that inspire transformation and personal growth. I’ve taught in prisons and jails, facilitated a support group for people with HIV/ AIDS, and their loved ones, worked as a volunteer hospital chaplain and sought ways to promote peace, compassion, connection and healing wherever I find myself.

My formal studies in sacred sexuality began in 2000. Prior to that I had lived a life full of sexual investigation, adventure and discovery. I was fortunate to be in my 20s for that little glimmer of time, after The Pill and before AIDS. We called it ‘sexual liberation,’ although my generation had much confusion about sex and love. (We still do – and don’t we all?) What I offer in my work with people is a wealth of information about functionality for both men and women, and the techniques and perspectives of various traditions of sacred sexuality. Studying these forms of learning is an undertaking that leads to enhanced relationships of all kinds

Businesses and Organizations

What I offer here is consulting focused on how to invite inclusiveness and cultivate diversity within a business or non-profit structure. It’s important to create an atmosphere of welcome and then safety for everyone coming in. I believe that patriarchal models of business design are no longer useful, because they don’t work for everyone involved. The purpose of any pyramid-shaped business or organization is to pump money from the work of many to the top echelons for the benefit of a few – those in ownership and control. In an equitable structure, benefits and profits would be shared in a way that did not create vast differences in wealth and resources. I have developed a feminine-based model for business structure and would love to share some concepts with those interested in experimenting with a new approach to commerce.