For Businesses and Organizations

I offer systems consulting focused on how to invite inclusiveness and cultivate diversity within a business, service organization or non-profit structure. It’s important to create an atmosphere of welcome, and then on-going support and safety for everyone coming in.

Competitive, patriarchal models of business design are no longer useful, because they don’t work for everyone involved. The purpose of any pyramid-shaped business or organization is to pump money from the work of many to the top echelons for the benefit of a few – those in ownership and control. In an equitable structure, benefits, resources and profits are shared in ways that do not create vast differences in wealth and well-being. I have developed a feminine-based model for business structure and would love to share some concepts with those interested in experimenting with a new approach to commerce and service.

Due to a decrease in government funding sources, many organizations – especially non-profits – are scrambling to find new ways to cover overhead and continue their projects. Competition for grant money is now extreme, and likely very political. Volunteering has dropped off considerably because so many people are lacking incomes that will see them through retirement years and young people are uninspired to volunteer. This phenomena is happening all over the US.

Localizing efforts to reduce the number of organizations going after dwindling pots of money looks like a reasonable undertaking. Can we let go of our competitive nature and start learning how to come together, cooperate and share? Is it possible for financial gain to become completely transparent? Civic dialogue is paramount to opening up these possibilities.

Creating emotional safety in groups allows everyone involved to share their concerns, tell their stories and ask for what they need. Methods of non-violent communication (NVC), listening skills and strategies for community involvement are the directions we need to go.

Let me custom-design a presentation to open dialogue within your organization, with the intention to bring new¬† perspectives into the field of possibilities. My fees are reasonable and I also offer on-going support, as tasks are designed and changes are implemented. It’s time for community involvement to be everyone’s destiny and delight.

In addition to getting needs taken care of, I’ve never met anyone that didn’t have something to offer the collective. Anyone can find something they can bring to the table to share. When we welcome all voices, barriers break down and compassion becomes the norm. Any challenge can be met with the brilliant minds and open hearts of committed people.