Animals have special relationships with their humans. They will take on emotional content and work to release it from the ‘field’ as a service to the household. This is part of their contribution. Another thing they do for us is model what unconditional love looks like. Our relationships with them are much less complicated than with the humans around us. Animals will often reflect the dysfunction that their humans cannot see in themselves. Unfortunately many folks are unable to understand this mirror effect and the animals can escalate behavior in an attempt to show the human their work in the emotional/ energetic realms. This is why, when I do a formula of essences, I suggest that the humans use it along with the animals in the household.

When I visit cats and dogs (and sometimes horses, but they are not as talkative), I speak in the animal’s actual ‘voice.’ This is funny and opens communication with the pet in a different way. It is entirely possible that once the animal gets across what s/he needs to tell you, the behavior will cease. The essences will help integrate and prolong the change long enough for it to take hold.

Flower essences and essential oils bring calming and comfort for all beings in the household, and can move everyone involved out of dysfunctional patterns of behavior. Disclaimer: This is NOT to be used as a substitute for therapy for the human! Becoming more aware of what you are projecting onto your pets gives you the opportunity to heal it. The animal will continue to be in the feedback loop until the behavior is transformed in the human(s).