hatrosecymbalsI am an ordained minister with  a wilderness church in East Texas, The Universal Ethician Church, as of January 12, 2012. I received the fifth initiation in Eckankar in 1996, which is the priesthood level, although I am no longer associated with the outer teachings. I consider myself non-denominational and all-faith in orientation, and a Christian mystic.

I am available to perform ceremony and ritual, and offer legal credentials for weddings. My assistance and the event are custom-designed by and for all involved, and I love helping create ceremony or ritual for spiritual, but non-religious occasions. I am also familiar with earth-based teachings, and can work with you to be sure your special event holds your own traditions. Memorial services and Lovers Commitment and Marital Vows are my specialties.

What may also qualify me to assist you in your path of spiritual awakening is my own dedication, in 1976, to fall in love with everyone I meet and learn to live from heart-centered, unconditional love, for mySelf first, and then for Others. I believe that this is the only way we end our karmic entanglements and move beyond the baser instincts of being human. It’s hard, and I’m sure not perfect at it, but I’ve learned that it is possible to be a lover in a world that seems to contradict love. I deeply appreciate the diversity and magic of all religions and spiritual teachings. There are golden threads that run through every tradition, and one of those threads is simply non-judgmental, unconditional love – simple, but not always easy.

I was born into the perfect family for inspiration to seek love, as no one around me knew how to express compassion or caring, except my grandmothers. There was violence and sexual wounding on both sides of my family, especially in my mother’s lineage. My own path of healing includes¬†sexual wounding from childhood, marriage to an addict/ alcoholic, and coping with the violent deaths of family members. In 1997 my cousin on my mother’s side murdered her nine-year old son and then killed herself. This happened in Austin, Texas. I spent several years in deep process, learning to be present for others in the midst of dealing with death as a volunteer hospital chaplain in Boulder, Colorado. I have re-cultivated the intuitive gifts that were repressed in me as a child, and have done change work with hundreds of people over thirty years of private practice as a facilitator of transformation. I have attended a number of deaths, and ran a support group for people with AIDS and their loved ones in the early years of that horrific disease. I have taught spirituality and mindfulness practice in prisons and jails.

I began spiritual studies at age 12, when I realized that conventional Christianity would not work for me. I discovered the concepts of reincarnation and karma at that age, and started to study what I could find of Eastern religion. I do not follow any one path, teacher or tradition. I believe that all paths lead to the same destination – what I call Union with Source. This means different things to different people, and I’ve come to feel that each person has a unique and precious relationship with God. As one of my very wise clients once said, “No one is an outer authority on one’s inner work.”

I offer spiritual advisement only to share frames and possibilities that will fit into your current understanding and relationship with God. If we choose to work together with a focus on your spiritual journey, I will ask you some tough questions:

How do crisis and chaos promote evolution?
What is your spiritual practice, and how often do you engage it?
How do you pray, and why?
What do you expect to receive from prayer?
What is your motivation for spiritual investigation?
What do you expect to have happen as you walk your spiritual path?

I may recommend some reading and will also encourage you to journal, to become mindful and awake around sensations and feelings, and pay close attention to your dreams, both night dreams and dreams of your potential future.

If you are truly ready to end old patterns of limitation and dysfunction, and step into empowered manifestation, you are my kinda’ client!