Dear Hearts,

This site is not an 8 second grab for your attention. It’s a place to return to, again and again, to read about the heart and mind ruminations of a true Renaissance woman.  You will not be asked repeatedly to ‘grab’ your free whatever, or blatantly marketed to repeatedly for ‘a limited time offer.’ There will be no “3 Simple Steps to Happiness,” or “7 Ways to Become Enlightened” articles. This is a website that promotes connection, healing and evolution of the human heart.

Go make yourself a nice cup of calming tea, and plan to spend a little time wandering this garden. Come back often, as there is always more…

As I open this next phase of my healing arts practice, Sensual Wisdom, I am reminded of the power of these precious teachings. Sacred Sexuality is a cure for our sick and immature cultural expressions of intimacy and sexuality. Cultivating the sacredness and connection of our most intimate acts has a healing effect that begins to permeate the rest of our lives. Intimacy is not just sexual. It’s presence can be felt in everything we do, with everyone we meet, by cultivating pure, loving presence, an open heart and gentle curiosity. When we address the wounding in the most intimate and private parts of ourselves, it initiates a domino effect that allows holistic healing at all levels. True empowerment is preceded by the integration of every aspect of who we are, as human beings and as beings of light. Once empowered, we have the delightful task of inspiring and empowering others.

I’m excited to begin this next phase of my work!

Much love,


Specials *** Specials *** Specials

Offer available Summer into Fall, 2018 through 9/30/18

I’m offering a $40 private, introductory session, either in person or on the phone for new clients. This is a discovery process for us both. I want to hear about what is working in your close relationships – and what is NOT working. I can then describe for you how we can work together to assist your movement toward heart-centered loving, and away from old patterns that no longer serve the evolution of your relationships. In our hour, I’ll give you a sampler of how I work, by addressing a concern you are holding. I can offer an overview of the traditions I have studied and a peek into my toolbox. I work by phone, Skype or, if you are in my physical sphere, in person.

“Thank you so much for your deeply soothing, healing, helping hands this past summer. My family moved house and it was a stressful process which gave me a stiff neck… twice!  You were right there when I needed you to gently unwind and relieve my neck, and calm my entire nervous system. I haven’t had a stiff neck since. As a professional healer, I can also appreciate your incredible abilities to clear residual energies left over in me from the healing sessions I do to help others. Truly a healer’s healer you are, Jade. I trust you with my life.” Sandi Daileda, Super Healing Arts, Boulder, CO