A note from our founder…

Go make yourself a nice cup of calming tea, and plan to spend a little time wandering this garden. Come back often, as there is always more.

As I open this next phase of my healing arts practice, Sensual Wisdom, I am reminded of the power of these precious teachings. Sacred Sexuality is a cure for our sick and immature cultural expressions of sexuality. Cultivating the sacredness and connection of our most intimate acts has a healing effect that begins to permeate the rest of our lives. Intimacy is not just sexual. It’s presence can be felt in everything we do, with everyone we meet, by cultivating pure, loving presence, with an open heart and gentle curiosity.

I’m excited to begin this next phase of my work!

Much love,



Read about Jade’s current offerings in the lovely Bitterroot Valley of  Western Montana under Coaching.

Jade can be reached by calling 406-369-2202.

Note that this number does not accept text messages or unidentified callers.

Postal Mail to:

Jade Beaty
PO Box 456
Stevensville, MT 59870

“Thank you so much for your deeply soothing, healing, helping hands this past summer. My family moved house and it was a stressful process which gave me a stiff neck… twice!  You were right there when I needed you to gently unwind and relieve my neck, and calm my entire nervous system. I haven’t had a stiff neck since. As a professional healer, I can also appreciate your incredible abilities to clear residual energies left over in me from the healing sessions I do to help others. Truly a healer’s healer you are, Jade. I trust you with my life.” Sandi Daileda, Super Healing Arts, Boulder, CO